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What You Can Do to Stop Your Children From Picking Their Nose

Nose-picking is a common habit among kids and even some adults. However, due to its unhygienic and disgusting nature, it's important for parents to find ways to stop their children from constantly picking their nose. Since it's a habit, the child may not easily drop it without some conscious efforts. In this article, based on a publication from Medical News Today, we'll explore what parents can do to help their children stop picking their nose.

How to Stop Your Child from Nose-Picking

1. Gently remind your child that it's not healthy or appropriate to pick their nose in public. This can help discourage the child from picking their nose when in public places.

2. According to healthline Encourage your children to blow their nose into a tissue or soft handkerchief instead of picking their nose. Keep tissues handy, especially when a child is experiencing nasal congestion, as they tend to pick their nose more often in such situations.

3. Ensure that your kids wash their hands after picking their nose, as they may have picked up germs or viruses from their nose.

4. Take steps to clear the child's nasal passage to prevent the urge to pick their nose.

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