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Factors That Determine If A Man Is Ready To Have Children Of His Own

Many men prefer to start having kids when they are already well-established financially or educationally. While others believe that a man should wait until he is in his 30s or 40s before he thinks of having children of his own no matter what. However, medical experts after several research have discovered that age and finance aren't the only ways of determining the readiness of a man to have children.

Several factors are to be considered and a man who has all these factors is seen as ready to have children. In this article, I'll like to enlighten you about factors that determine if a man is ready to have a child or children according to WebMD.

1. The man's overall health and fertility.Many men do not know that fertility decreases as a man grows older. Research shows that men over 35 years of age are more like to have children with Downs Syndrome while men above 40 are more likely to have autistic children. So you should have children in the age range where your fertility rate is still high

2. Financial stability. A man who is not financially up to the task of raising a baby or babies has no business bringing a child or children into this world. As a man who is just trying to gain ground in his career path or still trying to be established financially, you may not be in the best position to have children just yet.

3. Personal and Relationship goals. The age at which a man decides to have a family depends on his own goals. Some men have decided to have children only after they are well-established while some do not want to wait that long.

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