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Pregnancy period

How to manage urine leakage during pregnancy

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Urinary leakage is very common during pregnancy and although it does not cause any harm to the fetus, it can be very embarrassing which is why most women look for solutions. 

Here are ways to manage urine leakage during pregnancy

1 Practice Kegels

Photo Credit: Healthline

To strengthen your pelvic floor, complete five sets of Kegel exercises this will help reduce urine leakage. The best news is that these workouts are also beneficial to your pelvis during and after labor.

2 Bladder timing

Photo Credit: Women's Health

Use a chart to track your urination timings and intervals while practicing timed voiding. Begin by teaching your bladder to control itself by going to the bathroom once an hour for a set amount of time after that start expanding the duration to adjust it. Eventually, you'll be able to set a time restriction for emptying your bladder that is comfortable for you.

3 Avoid Caffeine and fizzy beverages

Photo Credit: Healthline

Caffeine and carbonated beverages increase your urge to go to the bathroom which is why you should avoid them and Instead, consume extra water or decaffeinated beverages.

4 Consume a Fiber-Rich Diet

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Constipation is reduced by eating a high-fiber diet which relieves stress on the pelvic floor.

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