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How to perform CPR for your toddler

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CPR is a method that all parents should be familiar with. It can save a child's life and lessen the risk of irreversible damage if he or she stops breathing. CPR contains chest compressions and rescue breathing, or mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and it is a life-saving technique that combines chest compressions with rescue breathing.

Here are cases where your child might need CPR

1 Choking

2 Drowning

3 Shock 

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4 Excessive bleeding 

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5 Trauma to the head or other major injuries

6 Lung ailment

7 Poisoning

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8 Suffocation

9 Trouble breathing

10 A low pulse or no heartbeat

Here are ways to perform CPR on your kid

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1 Kneel by the baby's side and press forcefully and quickly on the chest. Place one hand's heel on the center of the chest and the other hand's heel on top of the heel. Begin the compressions by lacing your fingers. Two inches is the optimal depth, and thirty compressions are required. 

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2 After the compressions, give the child two rescue breaths to the child by making a seal with your mouth over your mouth and nose, or simply your mouth, then blow twice into the airway to raise the chest.

3 Stop CPR and check if your toddler exhibits signs of life, such as breathing. Otherwise, keep performing CPR until the child begins to breathe on his or her own or until trained assistance comes.

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