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7 Ways to Get Your Kids to be Nice to Each Other

If you have children, you are aware that their bickering can seem interminable. While it may drive us crazy as parents, sibling rivalry is perfectly normal and healthy. But where does the line between 'normal' and 'not normal' exist? How can you be certain that your children will grow up and get along? Here are five suggestions for raising children that will love and care for one another:

1. Set an example for .

Children are observant. Others will follow your lead if you love them. Your children will imitate unpleasant behaviors such as fighting or name-calling if you demonstrate them. However, don't blame yourself for your children's quarrels. Your example is significant, but it is not the only one that influences others.

2. Begin early and prioritize healthy relationships.

It's not too late if you have teenagers. You're in luck if you have newborns, toddlers, or younger children. You have a fantastic opportunity to get started right away. Make certain they understand the value of getting along and being kind to one another. It's also a good idea to model that behavior yourself.

3. Love them equally

Demonstrating love to your children, is a way to teach them to love. Showing them love in equal measure will prevent them from feeling envious, allowing them to love freely. They will show love to others if they feel appreciated.

4. Reconcile

If a child has been physically or emotionally harmed by a sibling, assist them in making things right. Request an apology and forgiveness from the wrongdoer. With a hug, bring the reconciliation to a close. Make it a long hug if you want to have some fun with it. Set a thirty-second timer and see if the tears don't convert into grins.

5. Teach them how to share.

Another fantastic method to encourage them to love one another is to share toys and activities. They will grow to love and appreciate each other after they are involved in something together spending time, making memories, and becoming connected with each other. They will learn to work together as a group.

6. Teach your children to think in terms of ‘We,' rather than ‘Me.

Let's face it: humans are essentially selfish creatures. It's basically a survival mechanism. So parents must socialize their children away from the "Me mentality." Make it clear to your children that they are part of a team. In fact, the entire family functions as a unit. Everyone's activities have an impact on the lives of others. It will eventually sink in if you repeat them often enough.

7. Assemble

Develop your children's relationships with their siblings. “You have a wonderful brother, you know. He is incredibly devoted to you. “Did you notice how he picked up the toy you dropped?” Make a point of highlighting acts of goodwill amongst siblings. Encourage kindness. For their brother's or sister's birthdays, or when they aren't feeling well, suggest that your youngsters make homemade cards or color a picture. Encourage your children to pray for one another as well. It's much better if you pray as a family. When they hear someone praying for them, they feels special.

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