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Dear Parents, Here Are 10 Lessons You Should Avoid Teaching Children

Parenting isn't an easy task. There are lot of things which makes it one of the most difficult job to carry out. Parents are caretakers. Whatever they say is what the child will do, and whatever they don't is what the child doesn’t. As parents, there are certain things which you should avoid teaching your child(ren).

By avoiding these things, you are shaping the child's life into something great. Below are 10 lessons parents should avoid teaching children.

1. Teach them not to Compare your own living status, education, bank balance, neighborhood with other people.

2. Don't teach them to shutdown their feelings how they feel about anything or anyone.

3. Discrimination. Whether in context to the social upper caste or lower caste system. Or the blue collar or white collar system. Men or women. Fair-skinned or dark-skinned. What I am trying to say is that parents should teach their children that though we are all different and may not be equals in terms of social, physical, and financial standing, he or she should not discriminate on basis of differences between people.

4. Hate. For obvious reasons.

5. Judgement. No one has the right to judge others. Teach them instead to wear the other person’s shoe and see life from their perspective.

6. Parents should not teach children to be disinterested, closed minded, ignorant, lazy, non productive, expecting to be given anything they want without earning it.

7. Parents should not teach their children to be greedy.

8. Parents should not teach their children to be ungrateful.

9. Parents should not teach their children to think more highly of themselves than of others.

10. Parents should not teach their children to question themselves. Their decisions, yes, themselves, no. That invites mental fragility, something we do not need. A man can question his decisions all he needs to, but when he doubts himself is when his life falls apart. That goes for girls too.

We need children who are confident in themselves. That don’t need to ask themselves who they are. 

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