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Benefits of parallel play for toddlers

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Parallel play is a sort of play in which children play alongside or near one another, but not with one another. It's the default method of play for new borns and toddlers who haven't yet gained the awareness or skills to interact with others in a social setting. Even if it doesn't appear to be particularly interactive, it plays a crucial function in your child's social development.

Parallel play is a natural component of their social development and you can encourage them by providing opportunities to play with others and continue to improve his or her peer-to-peer abilities.

Here are the benefits of parallel play in toddlers

1 Language development

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Your toddler will be hearing and absorbing words from nearby toddlers or adults as they sit and mind their own business. They may occasionally glance and notice a toy or action being referred to by a specific term. They'll continue to expand their vocabulary and surprise you later.

2 Development of fine motor skills

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Play is a highly inventive activity that involves both the body and the mind. It's all part of learning and growing for toddlers whether they just repeat an activity or try something new they picked up during parallel play.

3 How to express their desires and emotions.

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Your child learns more than just how a toy rolls, falls or moves when pushed during parallel play. They also express their sentiments with anything they can get their hands on, including toys, their own hands, and even dirt and sticks.

4 Helps your toddler understand social interactions

Photo Credit: Gracefullyjason

Parallel play does not mean your child is isolated because your child is exactly where he or she should be. Your child can learn about social interaction by watching other children interact and when they are developmentally ready for group play, they will be able to use these observations to their advantage.

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