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Pregnancy period

Major causes Of Maternal Morbidity and Mortality

Maternal health refers to the well-being of women during their pregnancy, during childbirth, and also the postpartum period.

Motherhood is actually fulfilling and associated with feeling positive, for some women that are not the case as their pregnancy is often associated with ill-health, suffering, and sadly sometimes even death. The leading causes of maternal morbidity and mortality include infection, high blood pressure, hemorrhage, and obstructed labor.

Definition of Maternal Morbidity:

This refers to medical complications in women or an unhealthy state that is usually caused by labor, delivery, or even pregnancy. The maternal morbidity rate takes a look at the number of cases occurring in a given population of pregnant women.

Definition Of Maternal Mortality:

This refers to the death of a woman while pregnant or even within the 42 days of pregnancy termination, not minding the duration normally caused by mismanagement or aggravated issues during the pregnancy. The maternal mortality ratio also refers to the risk or a measure of it in relation to a woman pregnant.

Leading Things That Can Cause Maternal Mortalities:

We have two types of maternal mortalities, have the medical causes of mortality and also pregnancy-related causes of mortality.

a) Pregnancy-Related Cause Of Maternal Mortality Include:

Septic or unsafe Abortion

Ectopic pregnancy or even Early Pregnancy

Obstructed or Delayed labor

Uterine rupture

Placenta previs

Hypertension caused by Pregnancy

Puerperal Sepsis

Postpartum Haemorrhage or Severe Antepartum

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b) Medical Causes Of Maternal Mortality Include:




Serious Anaesthesia Complications

Renal failure

Thromboembolism and Thrombosis

Cardiovascular disease

Hepatic failure

Things That Can Cause Maternal Morbidity In Pregnant Women Include

Reactions from a blood transfusion

Pelvic inflammatory disease(PID)


Amniotic fluid embolism


Perineal tear

Uterine prolapsed


Maternal Morbidity and maternal mortality have to be taken very seriously especially in these parts of the world where women are very religious. Our pregnant women have to allow the doctors to do their jobs and also adhere strictly to the doctor's instructions to help reduce the morbidity and mortality that occurs during pregnancy.

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