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Checkout 2 Animals That Will Sacrifice Their Own Children Just To Survive

Both human and animal mothers will always have that motherly Instinct and that desire to protect and care for their child, but you'll wonder why will a mother then sacrifices her child just to survive?

Firstly humans are very different from animals. Humans are well protected in their homes from wildlife and if they die the child will be taken care of by other family members, while for animals it and its child will be simply eaten which is kind of funny.

We will take a look at some of these animals that wouldn't want to die, but they give up their babies.

1. Kangaroos

We look at them in documentaries fast animals moving at incredible speeds on land and also a pro boxer.

But they have a secret, when chased by predators they throw their kids out of their pouch. You might be thinking."this is so bad" no it isn't, in the animal kingdom your sense to survive is greater than your motherly instinct.

What happens is that it's either the mother and the child or the child, if the mother survives she can still add to the population of the kangaroo while the child will be eaten.

2. Quokka

These animals hail in Australia, and they are marsupial and also they are the size of a normal house cat which animal wouldn't want to eat them. When on the run from predators this animal moves at a fast pace it's either the baby falls out or she throws it, and the worst thing she only has one child whenever she gives birth.

You might be thinking these animals are bad, but they got no choice, see a photo of one of them feeling bad after their rough decisions.


As a human what's your own opinion, thanks for reading and I hope I broadened your insight of our planet, I'll see you later.

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