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9 Words Every Parents Need To Say To Their Child To Boost Their Self-confidence

We all want our children to grow up and become responsible adults who can make good decisions about their lives and family.

If we want them to grow up and become wise, smart, and successful, we need to start building confidence in them right from childhood.

We need to say words that will make them believe in themselves and also help them to handle their emotions.

The following are the words you need to tell your children to reinforce self-confidence.

Trust Me, I'll Help You

When your child is about to do something, and they don't know what to do or are afraid of doing it, just tell them to trust you, and you will help them.

When you make your child know that he or she can rely on you, it gives them the confidence to try new things.

If they become successful at it even without your help, it gives them the courage to do more.

I'm Listening

You might be very busy and your child walks up to you to tell you something. Instead of saying you are busy now, try to say I'm listening.

When you give your child a listening ear, it makes them see you as a caring parent.

I Love You

If your child does something intelligent, tell them you love them. It makes them grow up as a happy child and strengthens the relationship between you.

I'm Sorry, Forgive Me

If something goes wrong, and you are at fault, tell your child that you are sorry, and they should forgive you.

It teaches them humility and how to take responsibility for their actions.

I Trust You

Always tell them that you trust them. This will make them believe in their own abilities.

I Know How You Feel

When your child is feeling hurt or sad about something that happened to them, tell them you know how they feel.

Don't try to trivialize what happens to them.

You Made Me Proud

When they come home with their school results, tell them that you are proud of them.

What Do You Think?

Always ask for their opinions on their personal issues before making your decision.

Thank You So Much

Give them words of appreciation whenever they say or do anything impressive.

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