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The Best Age To Start A Family, According To Scientists

To prevent health problems, financial issues, and to achieve the desired family size, scientists worked hard to find the perfect age of starting a family. Some women find it difficult to analyze the best age to start a family, but thanks to this article, you will know everything that relates to “family starting”.

1. In Terms Of Health Issues.

Fertility usually declines with age, and having children between the age of 35 - 40 has effects.

In the 20s, women's fertility is stable and their chance of getting pregnant is normal. At this age, women's eggs are of higher quality. And at the age of 25, the chances of getting pregnant after three months of trying to conceive are 20 percent.

In the 30s, fertility begins to decline (weak). And after 35, the decline accelerates. Women are born with about 1 million eggs, and the number of eggs usually decreases over time. At the age of 37, the estimated eggs that a lady will have is around 25,000.

By age 35, your chances of getting pregnant after 3 months of trying to conceive are about twelve percent. And health issues like genetic abnormalities and miscarriage will begin to rise.

In the 40s, giving birth by oneself is at higher risk. This is because medical conditions like, high blood pressure, and diabetes, are common in women after age 35.


2. Financial Stable.

Women who leave family things aside and focus on their careers usually have better income, education, and diets. So if you want to be financially stable before getting married, you may have a family at an early age. And remember that the earlier the age, the lower the fertility level.

3. Family Size.

According to researches, the best age for having just one child is when a female is under 32 years. And for those that want to have two children, 27 age is okay. Likewise, for partners who want three children, 23 age is perfect.


Do you have any other tips to add to this list? Please let us know your thoughts.

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