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Women React After 'WHO' Said Women Of Childbearing Age Should Be Banned From Drinking Alcohol

The World Health Organisation, WHO have come under criticism after the health body said that women who are in the age of childbearing should be banned from drinking alcohol. This did not sit down well with many people, especially the women, who cannot simply understand the logic behind that statement.

We all know that alcohol can be very harmful, especially to a woman who is pregnant. And that is why everyone agree that when a woman is pregnant, she should stay away from drinking alcohol. That is normal.

But to suggest that young women be banned from drinking alcohol is not something everyone will agree to. People have been criticizing the WHO's for this statement and women are finding this to be ridiculous.

This suggested ban is said to be imposed on women of childbearing age, but in actual fact, not every woman in the childbearing age is actually interested in bearing a child. So what's the point of having them banned from enjoying their drink.

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