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Dear mummies, Here are one week lunch meal plan ideas for kids

Thinking of what meal should be in your kids lunch box can be stressful most times especially when you don't want your kids taking the same food to school everyday, this will make them loose appetite over the dish.

A child's meal should at least contain the six classes of food. you might not need to prepare them separately but combine some of them in one meal.

Making a lunch meal plan for your children are one good decision you should do as a parent. When planning to make your kids meal, remember it's needs to consist of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. This are healthy food classes, every child needs in growth development and intelligence.

2 Things to avoid when preparing a child's lunchbox

Don't serve deep fried foods except fried in healthy oils not refined

Avoid processed foods and sugary drinks

Here are lunch meal plan ideas for your children this week. They are all healthy and will make school lunch fun and worth enjoying for the kids.

Also, add healthy snacks, fruit or juice should be added to their lunch box to make a blanced meal.


Jollof rice with meat

Source: carbohydrate, protein

Snack: cracker

Fruit: pineapple


Beans and plantain

Source: protein, iron

Snack: cookies

Juice: zobo


fried plantain and cooked veggies

Source: iron, vitamins

Snack: popcorn

Fruit: banana


Noodles and fried fish

Source: protein, carbohydrate

Snack: peanut

Juice: orange juice


Jollof spaghetti with vegetables

Source: carbohydrate, vitamins

Snack: biscuits

Fruit: watermelon

Or you can prepare any of these dishes

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