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Activities for your toddler

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The best technique to enhance motor skills and exercise both their body and mind is to educate children through games. It's also a terrific approach to help youngsters improve their communication abilities especially if they're still beginning to speak and express themselves.  

Here are a few excellent activities that assist in developing toddlers

1 Building blocks

Photo Credit: Rivertrix

This game teaches your toddler how to recognize letters and numbers and it helps to develop dexterity and fine motor skills. Give your child a set of colorful blocks with alphabets or numbers written on them and ask him or her to stack them.

2 Sight word building

Photo Credit: Dreamstime

Sight word activities such as these educational building blocks are ideal for helping your child learn some fundamental words if they show signs of recognizing letters.

3 Color sorter

Photo Credit: The imagination tree

It's a fun method to learn colors and practice fine motor skills. To construct an easy color sorter, simply recycle cardboard tubes, paint them with different colors.

4 Alphabet puzzles

Photo Credit: Konga

Alphabet puzzle is an interesting activity for helping your child learn their ABCs.

5 Counting activity

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This activity can be done with common household objects and they help build cognitive skills. Stack toys or any other common household items in a row, count out loud while pointing to each item, and allow your child to repeat the numbers after you until he or she has them memorized.

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