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Parents, 3 Ways To Curb Bad Behavior In Your Children Without Resorting To Punishments

The reason why children tend to behave irrationally and annoyingly at times is because their brain is not fully matured.

However, some parents are ignorant of this fact. Their ignorance makes them inflict severe punishments on their children without trying to understand these children.

Children are naturally attention seekers. They tend to do things whether good or bad in order to attract the attention of people especially their parents. When these kids eventually get punished, they tend not to understand the reason for the punishment meted on them. Because they believe in their mind that they did nothing wrong, they become fearful and scared of their parents over time.

Another thing is, punishments in actuality does not naturally change a child's behaviour, but only suppresses his or her bad behaviour. Developing good behaviour in a child comes from doing these 3 things below.

1. As parents, if your child commits an offence such as; disobeying your directive to sweep a room, instead of shouting at the child or beating him or her, take the broom, sweep part of the room, and tell him or her to sweep the rest of the room.

2. Parents should be good role models to their children. Most of the time, children pick up various habits and character traits from their parents. Because their brain is willing to take in new information, they are very vulnerable to negative influence.

If a parent constantly insults her neighbours, his or her child is likely to become insultive too. Therefore, do not do what you don't want your children to do.

3. Endeavor to praise your children when they behave well. If you fail to do this, you might indirectly signal to the child that bad behavior is the only way to catch your attention. Heaping praise on a child's good behaviour motivates him or her to remain in your good books through that good behaviour. Therefore, as parents, Try to spot and notice good behavior in your children.

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