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How to get an overtired baby to sleep

It's difficult enough to get a baby to sleep in the best of circumstances, but it's considerably more challenging when he or she is overtired. This is because overtired newborns have a harder time falling asleep and babies who don't get enough sleep or who are up for longer than they can cope develop a stress response.

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It's sometimes clear when your infant is overtired because sometimes the indicators are obvious, and other times they are subtle. 

Here are tell signs your child is overtired 

1 She has a difficult time falling asleep.

2 Instead of full-fledged naps, she simply takes little catnaps

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3 She isn't getting enough sleep at night.

4 He or she is often fussy.

5 He or she falls asleep at inconvenient moments throughout the day, for example, sleep off while eating, or as soon as she steps in the stroller even if it isn't napping time.

Here are ways to get an overtired baby to sleep

1 Carry on with your baby's usual nighttime routine

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 A meal, a bath, a book, lullabies, and cuddling are usually involved. That's her way of signaling that it's time to go to bed.

2 Don't overstimulate your baby before bedtime

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That includes putting an end to playtime around a half-hour before bedtime and trying your best to keep your infant in a peaceful environment.

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3 Swaddle your infant and place her in a dark room without any sound or stimulation.

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