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5 Signs Your Kids Show If You Are Too Strict As A Parent

The high level of expectations and duties involved in parenthood probably explains the fear many adults have about going into it. One of major challenges of parenthood is finding the perfect balance between things. It's important to understand that "too much" is not ideal and too little is not sufficient. Hence the need for an appropriate balance for everything.

Nobody was born with knowledge. We all have to learn. Sometimes from experiences which is usually a lot harder, compared to learning from more experienced people whom have succeeded on the paths your are treading on. Seek out advise from successful parents. And by successful parents I don't necessarily mean rich parents, I'm actually taking about the parents who have succeeded in raising brilliant and quality children.

1. Signs of withdrawal

It should be a cause for concern when you notice your child/children starts withdrawing from you. This is something that's definitely going to hit you eventually if you are bad at parenting. Your child is probably withdrawing due to your rigid approach to parenting. But don't panic however, it's never too late to make amends. Withdrawal of children from any parent is never a good sign, especially at a young age.

2. Your child feel happier away from home

Another sign that tells you that you are bad at parenting is when fun for your child/children is elsewhere, away from home. When your child is always open to the idea of sleepovers and spending free time out of the home, whether outside, in the open or at their friends house. It even gets worse if they have to lie to get away.

3. Lies

Lying can be very hurtful sometimes. It even hurts more when you are being lied to by a loved one. Especially your children. It hurts a lot when you are being lied to by your son or daughter. Teenage kids and teens lie to their parents when they are extremely afraid of their parents’ reactions or the consequences of partaking in something that's unpleasant, they very easily resort to lying.

4. Your Kids Get Uncomfortable Around You:

It's really not a good thing when your kids are uncomfortable around you. When you come home from work, and suddenly everyone abandones the television program they love everytime you get home from work. Whenever you are home, everyone gets noticeably uncomfortable. When your children start finding it relatively difficult express their ideas, laughing out loud or even talking to their friends.

5. If children Don’t Like Bringing Their Friends Over.

All Kids need rules, and all kids are very likely to gravitate to a house with rules. But if you spend most of your time reminding children about the rules, criticizing your child in front of his/her peers, and asking too many provoking questions. These could make your kids stop bringing their friends around. If your children's playmate are found of asking for return play dates, and the other have no problem approaching you, then you have succeeded in making your house a home that kids want to be in.

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