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4 Scientific Methods Of Determining The Paternity Or Maternity Of A Child.

These day, most people desire to know whether or not a child is theirs. Knowing a baby's genuine paternity and maternity is definitely important. Sadly, a lot of individuals are unaware of the fact that, there are a few methods that can determine if a child is theirs or not. See some of the methods below;

Blood type test.

Blood type test is one of the best and easiest ways to determine if a child belong to you or not. Knowing your blood type and that of your partner is very important if you want to know if a child is really yours. For example, if you are a man and your partner's blood type is O and the child she gave birth to is type B, it means your blood type is either B or AB, and so on.

Genetic and hereditary behaviors.

If a child is really yours, he or she would surely behave like you in certain ways. Kids are scientifically meant to inherit some behaviors from either their father or mother. And as the child grow older, you will be able to observe these genetic traits more.

Color test of the eyes, earlobes, and hair.

Another way to know if a child is really yours is by observing their hair, eyes and earlobes. Over the years, experts have proven thar eye color, hair color, or ear lobes can be used to check paternity and maternity of a child. If the child's eye colors, hair colors, and earlobe structure doesn't have any similarity with yours, then there's an 80% chance that the child is not yours.

DNA Test.

This is actually the best and most common method used in determining both the paternity and maternity of a child. DNA test can be done in laboratories and hospitals around the world. It is a safe and reliable method.

Source:, First cry parenting.

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