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Opinion: 2 Reasons Why You Should Stop Lending Money To People If You Are A Salary Earner

It is an act of kindness providing help to people, especially the ones close to you. However, there are some helps that should not be provided to people, especially if the helper is a salary earner, and that is the lending of money to people. There are 2 reasons why you as a salary earner must stop lending money to people for help.

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1. They may likely not return the money.

This is the pure truth you will ever hear from anyone. People only come to borrow money when they are financially distressed. This means that they would actually do anything to collect the money from you, but might not show the same energy when they want to return the money. If you are a salary earner, it would be a complete blunder to start lending money to people because after lending the money out, you will have to rely back on your next month's salary to complete your goals.Photo credit: Pinterest

As a salary earner, lending money to people for being called Mr. nice would only cause a pending effect on your life's achievement as the things you should have used the money for would have to be postponed till the next salary or when the money is returned, which may likely not happen.

2. You may have nothing to fall back on if you lose your job.

Nothing is certain in life, and that is precisely why nobody can keep a job forever. As a salary earner, you must always remind yourself that the job you are currently keeping can be lost anytime and the lost thing you would have left with you is your savings from the salaries you have earned.

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Falling back to a saving could be entirely impossible for someone who is fond of lending money to every cat and dog because such person would have given out all his or her savings before he or she realizes that there is nothing left to fall back on.

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