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Why You May Be Broke

There are so many people complaining ceaselessly about their financial state. There are also some people who never say they have money, they always complain about being broke. This sort of people have developed certain habits and behaviours that keep them at the same financial state that they have always been at. The truth about being successful is doing away with bad habits and cultivating good and meaningful ones.

Here are few reasons you are likely to stay broke:

You Don't Have Financial Goals

As an individual, you're expected to have financial goals. Without financial goals, you find yourself spending indiscriminately. You must be able to have a well documented goal as regards your finances. You must also ensure that the amount of money you spend in a month is not more than the amount of money you earn. Also, learn to save for the future.

You're Focused on Others

Sometimes, you need to take a step back and think about yourself and your future. There are times when you need to stop bothering yourself about other people and their problems, focus on yourself. In the long run, these people you are focusing on won't be there to help you when times go bad.

You're Not Working Enough

You might be working, but the question is, are you working hard enough? There are different levels and grades to work, some people work for pleasure while others work to earn a living. You must learn to define what drives or motivates you into making more money, apply that drive to your life and watch your financial status blossom.

You Party Too Much

There is a time for everything under the sun, it is important that you make time for partying and time for work. You must also ensure that your work time is more than your partying time, life is a lot more fruitful when you prioritise work over unproductive associations.

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