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Do these immediately, if ATM swallows your card

Have you ever gone to the Automatic Teller Machine stand to withdraw money urgently for your need and end up leaving without your ATM card? I know how it feels. I have been in that situation countless times.

This usually happen when you impute wrong pins several times in the machine. So when the machine detects too much wrong key input, it quickly swallows your card for safety.

The painful aspect of this card swallowing is when you are using an ATM from other bank other than the bank you went to withdraw from and you don't even know how to approach the bank for help.

Well, there is no need to be frantic anymore when this happens as the issue of card swallowing can be resolved easily.

Here are things to do when your ATM card gets swallowed.

1. Try imputing your 4 digit pin so the machine can restart.

2. If it persists, draw the attention of the ATM attendants, they will direct you on what next.

3. If ATM attendants are not there, enter into the back report to customer care officer who will report to a technician. Answer all their questions correctly.

4. If you bank with them, within 30 minutes, your card will be made available to you. But you may stay longer if you don't bank with them as they have to contact with bank.

And another good thing is that you can perform card less withdrawal. So it can not delayed your urgent needs.

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