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How to know if your NIRSAL COVID-19 loan is approved



Most applicants do not even know about the loan. They just go into it because money is involved.


People should take note of the next sentence. The loan is not for free; it is to be paid in three years. Since your BVN is already linked to your accounts, then you cannot escape paying back the loan.


For you to know if you are still on track, keep checking your status on their portal. You might have applied for the loan, but you wouldn’t get it immediately.


You must have a profile with the platform for easy tracking of your status. If you do not have one, then create one with them.


You should note that having a profile with them does not guarantee that you would have the loan. There are criteria that will qualify you for the process.


Do you have a valid email address? That is just a question, but it is very important. You will be notified by the platform through your email that you provided.


There are two categories of loan on the portal. Take note of them in order to avoid confusion during the process.

They know how important your BVN is, so they will need it. If you pass through the BVN verification stage, then you can select your loan amount.


After that, you will need to fill in your account details correctly. They would not be held responsible if you miss this step. You need to be very careful here.


The last step is to accept their terms and conditions. If you doubt them, then read through the procedures. It will show you what you need to know and how you should repay the loan.

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