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Covid-19 Loan: Why Some People Should Avoid It

The Covid 19 TCF loan which was designed in order to support business people whose business was bankrupted due to the Corona virus Disease is refundable. As the name implies 'Loan' which has to do with getting some amount of money either from bank or person to be refund at a given period of time. But in this case of Covid 19 TCF loan many people are believing that it is a grant and not loan as many of them are not planning to refund the loan.

Therefore, in our newsletter for today we are going to discuss the purpose of this Covid 19 support loan and why some people without reasonable business should avoid. But before I proceed I will like to ask these questions in regards to people who have received or are still expecting the above loan. What is your aim in receiving this loan? Are you a business owner, if not will you use this loan yo start up a reliable business? Or are you thinking that is just a Government support?

These are some of the reasons why some people without reasonable business should avoid this particular Loan:

1. As we all know what loan is, before receiving this loan we should always think of what to invest on as they will request for repayment in due time.

2. If you are not a business owner, I think you shouldn't partake in this loan as you may end up lavishing the money without any investment.

3. The essence of this loan was to promote people's businesses and support them so as to improve their business which they will refund in due time.

4. I think if you are a young guy who doesn't have any reliable business to do I suggest you should avoid this particular loan as you may end up been in jail for failure to refund it.

In conclusion, I am not trying to convinced you not to get the above loan but yiu should always have a reasonable thing to use the laon for, as the implications of you refunding the loan can end you in prison.

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