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Stock investment

Forget buying shares in girls, when you marry you will eat enough breaded meat - Reno Omokiri

The money we get regularly can be multiplied when used properly. Many people today have multiplied their money by simply buying shares in great companies or investing in things that will yield greater benefits in the future.

Reno omokiri made a tweet on this earlier. According to him, single young men should forget about buying shares in girls and concentrate on buying shares from great companies. If you buy shares in companies, your money will be multiplied but if you buy from women your money will vanish.

In his words,

Dear single men,

Forget shares in girls because when you marry, you will eat enough breaded meat. Focus on buying shares. from great companies whose shares historically do well.

If you are well invested, it is you that the best women will want to buy shares in.

What do you think about this statement made by Reno Omokiri?

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Reno Omokiri


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