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5 Ways You can Quickly Block Your ATM Card If Stolen by Thieves or You Misplaced it

Many people don't know what to do when their ATM cards got stolen by thieves. A friend of mine lost all the money in his account when thieves attacked him on his way home from the office, they collected his wallet that contained ATM cards. He thought the scammers can't withdraw money from his account without ATM pins. So, he didn't block his ATM card. Unfortunately, they withdrew all the money in his account. This can happen to anyone.

However, it is not possible to transfer money from your bank account if you have blocked your ATM card. In this article, I will be sharing with you five ways you can quickly block your ATM card if it was stolen by thieves or you misplaced it

Read below:

1. Through Bank Mobile Application

You can quickly log in to your bank mobile application to block your ATM card by following the steps below:

Open your bank Application.

Click on the menu.

Click on card management.

Select My ATM card.

Select block this card, then turn it ON.

2. Through Bank USSD code.

You can also use your small phone to quickly block your ATM card If your Android phone has been collected by thieves

Quickly Dial your Bank USSD code and follow the steps below:

Simply Dial your bank code.

Select card management.

Select the card you want to block

3. Social Media

All Nigerian banks have verified accounts on all social media where you can quickly reach them using any phone. If your phones have been collected by thieves, use your friend's phone to access Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Contact them with the details of your ATM card. It will be blocked immediately. Please send your details to the account with a blue tick in front of it.

4. By entering Wrong Transfer Code Thrice

Your ATM card will be blocked if you entered the wrong transfer code thrice. Do as if you wanted to transfer money to someone and entered the wrong code three times to block your card.

5. Block ATM Card Online:

Go to the bank’s official website and log in to the net banking section. After logging into the bank portal, look for the “ATM Card Block” section and follow the steps required by the bank.

The next day, you can visit your bank to know what to do next.

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