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7 Things You Should Avoid In Order To Protect Your Bank Account

Some internet fraudsters or scammers are on targeting people's accounts, and they are constantly developing new sophisticated techniques to steal from people's accounts. These fraudsters or scammers get access to people's accounts by gaining unauthorized access into mobile devices or computers using a different method or stealing sensitive information about the person's banking details.

Here Are 7 Things You Should Avoid to Protect Your Bank Account

1. Do not reveal your mobile app activation code to anyone over the phone, via email, SMS, or in person.

2. Do not disclose your ATM card number, Pin, OTP, or Password to anyone over the phone, via email, SMS, or in person. Do not reveal this to anyone even if the person is claiming is from the bank headquarters.

3. Do not click any suspicious links or downloading apps from unknown sources or attachments.

4. Do not welcome unsolicited SMS, Phone call, or Emails requesting your banking details.

5. Don't fall into being scammed by phishing baits or sweets words from fraudsters or scammers.

6. Keep your security software, your operating systems, and your banking mobile app updated.

7. Avoid unsecured wifi: Do not perform financial transactions on free wifi or networks if you don't know the source.

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