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How to become wealthy.

You will agree with me that the desire of everyone is to amass wealth. Most people often believe that having money is one sure way to happiness. While acquiring wealth can be one of those easy things to do ,so many people still languish and wallow in abject poverty. This is not to say that they are lazy because there are people who work hard enough yet they are not getting anywhere near their financial goal. Just as everything in life has principles and steps, making money is not an exception. There are things you must do to become wealthy and these things are what this article has promised to share with you.

One is saving. As one who has a high financial dream you must be able to save at least 10-15% of your paycheck. How large your income is is not really a determinant of how wealthy you will become. Even with that little income you can still hit your financial target of becoming rich but this depends on how ready you are to save. Ensure you save some portion of your income irrespective of how trivial it might be. Just make sure you save something. You can open an account that helps deposit part of your monthly earnings as these will help you save without your knowledge.

How large is your debt? Which of them has a higher interest rate? And what are your plans in offsetting your debt? These and many other questions you must consider or ask yourself as someone who wants to create huge wealth. Having so much debt, especially ones with high interest rates on your debt list, can be detrimental to your financial aim. Offsetting your debt and staying debt free are one thing you must always adhere to . Clear off your high interest rate debt as fast as possible.

How about your investment ? Do you invest at all ? One of the secrets to wealth is investment. You must learn to have more assets than liabilities. Invest into things that will fetch you regular income. You might be having a $3000 paying and a $30,000 paying investment . This has shown that your investment is paying 10× your monthly earnings. Irrespective of how little your investment might be for a start ,just invest. Take calculated risk to invest.

There is also the need to reduce your expenses. You need to become frugal if you really want to become wealthy. Take Warren Buffett as an instance, he is a frugal billionaire. He still lives in his home which he bought for $31,500 in 1958 despite having a net worth of $80.8 billion. To become wealthy you must learn to spend less . Spend on your needs not wants,on those things that have value which are durable. A person who desires to be affluent does not at first live a wasteful life or live on luxuries. You must try as much as possible to live far below your income by cutting off unnecessary expenditures.

The last thing you must always know if you want wealth is that" becoming wealthy is a mindset"

The mindset of a man can sometimes determine what happens to him and how far he will go in life. You must have a strong and positive mindset if you are working towards financial upliftment because it is not always going to be an easy ride. There are times you will feel like giving up ,times it will seem like everything has turned against you and nothing is working out for you. These are times your mindset will be of most important use. Your mindset will remain your number one driving force.

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