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Oba Cubana: “Never Judge A Man's Wealth By The Degree To Which He Sprays Money”-Reno Omokri

One thing you must understand is that everything is not about money. Secondly, not everyone likes showing off their wealth to the public. It's not news anymore that Oba Cubana's mother's burial that happens a few days ago has found its way to news headlines of major newspapers across the country. The show of wealth displayed has equally raised an eyebrow. One might be prompted to ask “do these kind people with this kind of wealth exist in the Southeast, yet people are crying of hunger and hardship ”.

Going back to the topic of discussion. A man identified as Rahman asked on Twitter why no professor sprayed money like others during the burial. He wrote “Did you see any professor at Cubana's party doing doings? Continue reading like a bastard you hear.”

Meanwhile, Reno in his response, stated that Rahman is right that those who are professors may not have money to spray like others, but one should not take away the importance of reading and education. Quoting from the book of Proverbs 7:12, the scripture made it clear that “knowledge and wisdom have an advantage over money”. We are, however, admonished to seek Wisdom in everything.

He went further, stating that of a truth “Professors did not spray money at that event he mentioned”. But we should “never judge a man's wealth by the degree to which he sprays MONEY. Some people have MONEY but feel that such a display is not what they want to be associated with”.

Also, he added that “few days before the burial, a Professor emerged as the APGA candidate (Charles Soludo), while a man with two Masters degrees emerged as the PDP candidate (Valentine Ozigbo)”. These men according to Reno are products of education and reading like whatever name Rahman called them, yet they have influence. And if by chance any of them succeeded as the next governor of Anambra States “he will have the influence and direction of their lives to a certain degree. They can even shut down any business”.

He, however, advised that we the youth should not let such a display of Cash deceive us into thinking that education is worthless, or that those who are educated are not wealthy.

Source: Facebook.

Reno Omokri is a popular Nigerian author.

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