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3 Kind Of Decisions You Must Not Join Other Neighbors To Take In A Rented House To Avoid Disappointment

As long as you reside in a rented apartment, there are certain things you cannot stop from coming your way but you can use your natural intelligence to handle it without necessarily offending anyone.

Some neighbors no matter how terrible they are in the compound or neighborhood know how to manouevre their ways and still maintain their relationship and status with others. If you join these type of neighbors, there is possibility for you to run into trouble with people around you especially your landlord. And when the chip is down, you will only be the one to be damned.

As a tenant, these are three collective decisions you must not join others to take if you want to maintain your peace in the neighborhood.

1. The first decision is the payment of your rent. There are times when your landlord may decide to increase his house rent based on notable factors internally or externally. This kind of news can be very devastating to tenants whose income did not rise since he moved into the house.

It is like getting a quit notice from a landlord. In a situation like this, conclave of tenants in that compound will want to strike a deal to protest the increment. However, while this is a good move, all of you might not be on the same page on the decision.

Some might go behind you to plead his course with the landlord. Others may be ready to move out to another location or to their permanent site. If you are not careful, you will render yourself a valley among the sea of people. At the end, you will feel betrayed by your action.

2. The second thing is protest against community dues or decision on certain matter. In every community or estate, there are certain rules and regulations that guide the conduct of people living there. It is a must for people to pay monthly dues. It is also a must for people to contribute for construction and maintenance of drainage to avoid flooding during raining season.

In a situation like this, some tenants may want to grandstand that they are not landlord and that should not be their business. If you join them in this belief, you are on your own. Some of your co-tenants have been in the area before you and they know how to play their game with the those landlords. By the time they will meet and sort things out, you will not be there. Play your part and move on.

3. Thirdly, you are not expected to join other tenants to conspire with other tenants who are not as privileged as you are. There are times when your neighbor might not be in a position to make a certain financial contribution expected of him due to circumstances beyond his control.

This does not reduce his status as a responsible man. It is just a matter of time and circumstances. Some are embarking on a capital project like building that is taking their money but won't let people know. And if you don't know about that, you will continue to look down on him and also join others to castigate him.

By the time such a tenant hit his target, your will be ashamed of your action and conspiracy against him.

As a tenant, you need to be careful of these mistakes.

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