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Important Things You Should Do When You Misplace Your Sim Card Or When You Buy A New Sim Card

If you use any of these Sim cards; MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Glo, which are 4 of the most common mobile networks, then this very important information is for you. It has to do with what you should do when you buy a new sim card, or when you misplace your sim card.

In the event that you misplace your sim card, you should not just forget about it, because it's been discovered of late, that evil people use lost, misplaced or stolen sim cards to make themselves rich at the expense of those who lost their sim cards. How they do this is very simple. I'd explain in my next article.

In order to avoid being a victim, once you lose or misplace your sim card, the first thing you should do is to call your bank (the bank to which you lost sim card is linked to). Tell them to terminate all transactions from your account for the mean time, until you notify them. Of course, this is after you must have given them your details.

People make the mistake of having to go to the bank personally to make this complaint, but it isn't necessary, as it might be too late. Just a phone call to the bank would keep your money safe. The next thing you should do is to welcome back your sim card. It might cost you some money, but it's sure worth it.

When you welcome back your sim card, it makes the lost one useless and invaluable in the hands of anyone who might have possession of it.

In the event that you buy a new sim card, do not discard the sim pack, because you may have to regret later. The sim pack is required when you want to do "welcome back", it's also required when you might need to upgrade your sim card, among other things.

One last thing is this, to be on a safer side, it's advisable to initiate a sim lock on your sim card. This is important as it would disable the Sim card from performing any function or operation when put in another phone. It's just the same thing as putting a lock on your phone.

Please don't ignore these information. Your sim card is as important as your phone. If you have any question or confusion, please use the comment section below.

Content created and supplied by: Emmanuell_Okaforr (via Opera News )

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