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6 Dangerous Habits That Can Make You Poor

Our lifestyle is the major thing that determines whether we succeed or not. Financial success is not a function of the resources we were born to inherit but a product of our actions. Life is actually what we make out of it through our endeavors. There are indeed some of our habits that are responsible for our financial woes, we want to look at these habits in this article.

1. Laziness

There is a popular saying that says " no food for a lazy man" Laziness is one ugly habit that is responsible for most economic woes of many people. A focused and hard-working man will always overcome whatever difficulties he finds himself with, but if a person is lazy and believe in handouts from other people, he will always blame others for his financial woes.

2. Lack of focus

Soy people are Jack of all trades and master of none. They cannot start an assignment and follow it up to the end . This is a pathetic habit as such a person will find it difficult to make it financially.

3. Complacency

Financial success only comes to those who are ambitious. The moment you become complacent in the little you have and sees no need for further struggles, poverty has come around the corner. Successful people are men of vision who will never give up until they achieve their goals.

4. Procrastination

When you defer today's activities for tomorrow, you are procrastinating. When one is procrastinating, he may not know when he spends years for an activity he would have completed in a month. Avoid this dangerous habit if you do not want to be poor

5. Womanizing

Moving from one lady to another is the major reason why some guys are not financially successful. You may not know the cost of a date with that strange lady. From entertainment to hotel bill, you may have spent more than a days income. Other hazzard associated with this lifestyle are awesome. It is actually a dangerous habit that facilitates poverty.

6. Extravagance

To be extravagant is to spend carelessly. Successful people are people who knows how to manage their resources prudently and profitably. Reckless spending will bring about failure in whatever venture you lay your hand on. It is necessary for a person to save for investment and for further use.

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