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14 Rules Of Money According To Jeff Bezos

One of the richest men in the world, Jeff Bezos pointed out some important rules of money that everyone should know about and work towards. These rules are for those who are rich including those who are working hard to be successful too.

Below are 16 rules of money that Jeff Bezos has stated

1 Paying yourself

What he means is that, before doing anything else, you have to make sure you are comfortable on your own. Don't start investing or employing people to work for you when you can't even feed, house, or pay your bills.

2 Learn how to invest

He is saying that you shouldn't just keep your money in a bank, you should learn ways in which you can make that money grow.

3 Don't be a hater of it

Truth be told, some people are haters of luxury and haters of those who are wealthy. And when you hate something, there is no way you will want to work hard to get that thing.

4 Give every dollar a job

5 always make plans and set goals

6 Earn more and spend less

7 Don't be a slave to wealth

8 When you get the money, don't show yourself too much.

9 Keep your finances organized

10 Making money is like a game, just learn how it works.

11 Always keep an emergency fund

12 make money work for you

13 learn how to take a risk and leverage it

14 know how to make money passively

Source: Youthvillage

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