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4 Precautions To Take In Order To Prevent Your Bank Account Safe From Scammers.

Scammers are people who are trying to take what does not belong to them either by tricking or getting vital information about an individual that may help them get what they want from the individual. What they may want from the individual may be his/her money or his/her property or any other good things that belong to the person. But here are some precautions to take in preventing your bank accounts safe from scammers.

1. Check Your Accounts Regularly.

Checking your accounts regularly will help you know when something is wrong or noticing illegal transactions in your account which can help you to make a report in time or help you to quickly use your bank USSD codes to stop the illegal activities before reporting to the bank. Check your accounts after each transaction you perform and study your transactions every month. If you notice any illegal activities in your account report to your bank immediately.

2. Never Give Out Your Pin.

Your PIN should be a secret thing that should not be revealed to anyone, not even bank tellers. If anyone calls or sends an SMS or an Email requesting your PIN; do not give it out even if they are claiming it's from your bank, go to the bank to make complaints if there is a problem with your account. While using the ATM if the next person is close to you, you can tell him/her to take about a step backward before performing your transactions for your PIN safety.

3. Use Strong Passwords.

Online banking provides convenience and helps us perform some transactions in the comfort of our homes. This has also allowed internet scammers to break into people's accounts too. One of the ways to ensure safety in online banking is using strong passwords. Don't create an easy password either maybe by using your date of birth or your child's date of birth but think of using a different category as your password instead of using letters and numbers only. Using a password that contains, upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols, etc., can help you create a strong password.

4. Be Careful Where You Access Your Account.

Mind where you access your accounts on free wifi. If you are in a place where there is public free wifi, avoid using the wifi for your online banking. Remember the wifi is free and it is a public thing, it may give access to hackers to have access to accounts while using the public wifi. 

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