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5 Ways To Make Money At Home With Your Phone

Making money in this day and age has been made a lot easier especially with the evolution of technology. These days, it is very possible to sit at the comfort of your home and make millions if only you have the right connections and vision. That phone which you constantly use for social media and movie time can also be used to do productive things. Below are a few jobs you can do from the comfort of your home with your phone:

Complete Online Surveys

There are companies online that pay you to take surveys for them or the products that they sell. Once you have completed the survey, they pay you a certain amount of commission which can be withdrawn at any time you want.

Become a Virtual Assistant

You can help people do things online like tutoring and freelancing. It is very possible to teach someone who is very far from you from the comfort of your home with just a laptop. Freelancing is quite simple, it just involves writing articles and publications for a company. If you are really skilled at English and any other languages, then freelancing is something you should try out.

Sell Household Items

I can bet there are some stuffs in your house that you're not using anymore. If you did not know what to use them for, you can always sell them on an online store for extra cash.

Rent Your Gadgets by the Hour

If you are confident about the gadgets that you have especially if it is a reigning one like the PS5 or Xbox, then you can start renting it out to people who might want to enjoy the pleasure of playing video games.


This involves advertising products owned by a wholesaler on any of your social media platforms. Your job is to get pictures and prices of products sold by a reliable wholesaler together with the amount of money you want to profit from the products and then advertise. When you come in contact with a client, he/she pays you first after which you take out your profit and send the initial price of the products to your wholesaler.

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