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Three Types Of Freedom To Achieve Financial Independence

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To become rich, you are never complete without certain types of freedom that defines who you are and where you plan to be in a couple of years. These are the three types of freedom you need now


This is about understanding the value of your time and how you want to spend it and what to spend it on. When you demand freedom of time, it's because you are swallowed by your job that you have no other time for anything. You are busy working to pay bills and you keep struggling in the rat race. Time freedom restores the time your 9-5 job took from you after becoming financially free through your ASSET. That is why the rich measure their success in terms of the time they have. Time freedom is the understanding that time is limited and precious. We can’t rewind the clock or ask for more when our days begin to dwindle in number. It helps you focus on the matters we hold most near and dear to our hearts. This means you have chosen to create the life you want. You get your time freedom, create time for your passion, set goals and achieve it, schedule your time and manage it properly.


It's about spending time to visit any state or country in the world you desire because you now have time freedom. To have location freedom, you have enough assets to put money in your pocket to funds these trips without any worries. When you experience location freedom, you have gone through many phases of your financial life to accomplish this freedom and set goals of enjoying this location freedom because money is no longer the problem. People who enjoy location freedom use it as an avenue to enter new terrains, meet new investors and business people. They study the economic climate to know how safe and favourable it is to acquire new assets that will grow their networth.


This is about having enough money to always take care of your needs and emergency funds for unplanned expenses. Most people here retire early to focus on their business, investment and others. Regardless of how you define financial freedom, it stems from being able to manage your money properly and diligently to create wealth. This is about taking ownership of your financial life by taking total control of your money and knowing what to do with it to create a steady cash flow.This set of people were financially imprisoned till they seek for a way out with a simple strategy to bail themselves out and create wealth. You achieve it with a life goal, setting goals to save, invest, settle off your debt, be money disciplined and others. Educating yourself constantly and making good choices will guide you there.  


With these types of freedom, you can plan and create the future with cash flowing into your hands to buy back your freedom and be financially secured to lead the life you always dream of.

Image Credit: Google

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