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14 Things You Should Do To Protect Your Bank Savings From Internet Fraudsters

How would you feel when you wake up one morning and find out that all your bank savings are gone. Oh my God! That's something you won't want to ever experience.

Fraudsters are always devising new means of defrauding people of their hard-earned money and as such, there is a need to always stay informed. In this post, I'm going to share with you 14 helpful tips that will go a long way in protecting your bank savings from any form of internet fraud.

1. To be on the safe side, never click on links via email and WhatsApp to login into your online bank. Always login direct from your browser as there are fake links that can trick you into giving out your bank details on a cloned or fake bank website.

2. Limit or restrict people from using the sim card you use for USSD transfers and for receiving OTPs.

3. Never login into your online bank using phones or laptops of people you don't know or trust as certain people can manipulate their phone or system, to steal or store your bank details.

4. Don't take part in giveaways, grants or aids that require your sensitive bank details?

5. Don't sell your phone or do phone swap without wiping your data or login out of relevant accounts and emails. You could be a victim of internet fraud when certain details get into the wrong hands.

6. Keep a separate ATM card for all your online transactions or create a virtual card using some popular Nigeria payment gateway.

7. End any unsolicited calls claiming to be your bank especially those requesting your sensitive bank details e.g ATM card details.

8. Protect emails registered to your bank accounts and also emails used for business purposes by turning on the 2-factor authentication feature.

9. Never give out your full Card details to anyone even bank officials. Bank officials are not allowed to request your full card details especially your PIN. The first 4 and last 6 digits of your ATM card number may be requested in some cases but never give out your full ATM card number.

10. Always check reviews of loan apps that require your BVN and other sensitive details before use. Ensure you always download loan or bank apps from the play store or app store and also avoid downloading from an unknown website.

11. Never login into your online bank or use sensitive bank details on Cyber-cafes as there are also bad eggs among Cyber cafe operators who can manipulate their systems to steal or store your details.

12. Don't give people you don't trust your ATM card to make withdrawals for you as certain cards can be used to transact or shop on foreign websites without the need for your PIN or OTP.

Call your bank's customer care immediately when your card is stolen or lost for deactivation.

13. Don't save sensitive bank details on your contact or notepad if you have people who always use your phone.

14. Ensure you always use a strong password for all relevant accounts, don't use one password for all your relevant accounts instead create a different password with slight variations.

The above tips will go a long way in protecting your bank savings from internet fraudsters. Ensure you share with friends and family to also enlighten them.

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