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I Applied For A Loan With This App, See The Information They Are Asking Me To Submit

I applied for a loan with a particular loan app but the personal information they asked me to supply has left a big question mark in my mind since yesterday.

I don't usually collect loans from online Apps, their loan limits are always too small to meet my targets, their processing fees are too high, and their repayment periods are too short for my liking. However, yesterday morning while surfing the internet, I came across this particular App that promises to be different from the other apps I have tried. Since there is an urgent financial obligation I need to settle, I decided to give it a try. But the information they requested is the main reason for this post because it's strange to me. Below is the screenshot of what they asked me to submit. 

They asked me to give them my ATM card number, explaining that it will be needed to facilitate the transfer of the money to my account. I am not comfortable with this request because I have not been able to ascertain how much they will offer me also banks and other financial institutions have been giving warnings that we should not disclose our personal financial details to anyone.

The name of the App is 'Spend Cash', I have never made any transaction with them before. Notwithstanding, I need the money seriously but I don't know if it will be wise to give them the information they are requesting for. I need your counsel, have you used the App before, and do you recommend that I supply them with the requested information?

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