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5 Habits That Make You Look Poor

I completely doubt that there is anybody out there who enjoys or wants to look poor. Everyone in this day and age understands the benefits and the privileges of looking sophisticated and well kept. Unfortunately, people do not understand the importance of looking well behaved, some people still go about acting as if they feed from hand to mouth. Sometimes, some of these people might actually have lots of money, but because of the kind of habits they have, people would assume less of them.

Keep this in mind, not all habits are meant to be kept, some are meant to be dealt away with. Some of these habits tend to bring down your moral compass, this lets people perceive as one of the less privileged in society when you're actually not.

Below are a few habits that make you look poor and unsophisticated:


You must keep in mind that getting rich quick is a fable out of the horse's mouth. There is absolutely no such thing as quick cash. Gambling is only for those who have a shallow vision. No surprise people tend to view gamblers as people who are trying to break the chain of poverty the fastest way possible.

Eating An Unhealthy Diet

It is very easy for people to judge you based on the kind of things you consume. In case you aren't aware, unhealthy foods are usually the cheapest and easiest to find in the market. The healthy ones are usually cooked up in a superstore or mart, which is a very clean and organised environment.

Drinking Too Much Alcohol

It doesn't matter if you're going out with friends to take shots of alcohol. The thing is, when people notice your alcohol spree, they assume you have nothing better to do with your time other than drink your poverty away.

Hanging With Toxic People

There is a saying that goes "show me your friends and I shall show you who you are". Successful people are hardly ever toxic, they love to help and motivate people around them. On the other hand, toxic people do not like to help, instead they would want to drag you into their circle of failure and unproductiveness.


This is the act of continuously postponing something you're supposed to do to a much later time. People who do this are even too lazy for success, they will rather postpone it too.

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