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Even IF The Bank Account Linked To The SIM Has No Money,I Can Cash Out–Hacker Reveals, Shows How

Even IF The Bank Linked To The SIM Has No Money, I Can Still Cash Out–Hacker Reveals, Shows HowThe Video of a guy referred to as wayaya confessing how he hacks people's bank accounts with the use of Sim cards and Bank identification number(BVN).

In his confession, he revealed that once he has been able to establish the fact that the SIM he has access to is linked with a bank account, he will create a new ussd pin or profile for the account using the code of the respective banks.

To create or reset the pin, he would need the Victim's bank account number and date of birth. He might get the account details on the Victim's phone book, but he would use the BVN to get the date of birth.

After creating or resetting the bank's ussd profile, he would request for the account balance and if unfortunately, the victim has no money in his or her bank account, he would proceed to step two which involves requesting a loan from Victim's bank. To him, step two works best with salary accounts

So people, if you think you are safe because you don't have any money in your bank account, the Hackers can put you in debt!

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