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Why You Are Still Poor Even When You Have a Good Job

It is the desire of almost everybody to be rich. In my opinion, being rich does not necessarily mean, having so much money at your disposal rather, being rich means, being able to buy your basic needs and some of your wants without feeling the strain or asking for financial support.

Many people that are not rich today have the ability and means to get rich however, their lifestyle habits prevents them from achieving that fit.

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Here Are Five Reasons Why You Are Still Poor Even When You Have a Good Job.

1. Lack Of Proper Budgeting: a budget is simply a plan that details your income and expenditure. Many people practice budgeting without even being aware of it. While, some people do not budget at all or, have a very poor budgeting skill.

Without a proper budget, a person will not be able to keep track of their income and spending and when you cannot track your money, you will not know when to stop spending which can cause you to spend more money than you should.

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2. Not Planning Ahead: one common trait that rich people have in common is their ability to plan ahead of time. Many people have the mentality of "when we reach that bridge we will cross it" without taking into account that, if they don't have a strategy for crossing that bridge they will never be able to cross it when the time comes.

When making financial decisions always consider the future and how the money you are spending today can either destroy or, Improve your future.

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3. You Have a Poor Saving Attitude: many people that are rich today are rich because, they understand the importance of saving. Many people that are poor are in that position because, they believe they have to start earning high before they can save.

But the truth is that, if you can't save 5,000 a month when you are earning 50,000 you will also not be able to save 10,000 when you start earning 100,000. Saving is a fundamental step to wealth.

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4. Taking On Too Many Responsibilities: every responsible adult is bound to have some responsibilities but, some people do not know the difference between real responsibility and unnecessary responsibility.

Some also do not know when to stop taking on new responsibilities. For example, having multiple girlfriends is an unnecessary responsibility. Also, you it is not your responsibility to train your grown up siblings.

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5. Spending Money On Unnecessary Items: some people just buy things because, they see others using it not because, they are going to use it. Some people buy clothes, shoes, furniture, electronics etc that, they end up not using.

Some people form the habit of, eating outside all the time instead of, cooking by themselves. Spending money unnecessarily is one of the reasons why people donot grow financially.

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