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9 animal skulls that can be mistaken with that of monsters at first glance

Around 500 million years prior, not a solitary animal had a skull. After some time, these hard plates developed into the auxiliary wonders that vertebrates—creatures with spinal ropes, otherwise known as you, me, and your pug, haul around today.

Here are some animal skulls that aliens would likely be deceived to be originated from lethal monsters and than their real owners.


This is the skull or a regular domestic cat that can be confused for a monster.


This is the skull of a young human child still in the milk tooth stage!


The skull of a hippopotamus can be mistaken for that of a dinosaur!



Looking at the skull of an elephant, one may think that it is the skull of a one-eyed cyclops.


The skull of the famous killer whale can be mistaken for that of a gigantic crocodile monster!



Even a cute bulldog's skull can have monstrous identities to aliens who have not met the animals before.


As innocent as the squirrel looks, its skull can be confused with that of a flesh eating monster.

As we can see from the pictures above, the flesh and skin is needed by animals for identification and also to assume a beautiful shape.

Drop you comments on which animal skull would have scared you the most if you had not known the animal it belongs to.

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