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If your Dog does this, Here's what it means

Dogs are referred to as the most friendly animal to humans. But they do not see the world as the same as we humans do, they do rely on their body language for communication. In this article we will be focusing on how they exhibit their feelings and emotions through their actions, and trust some of these behaviors will shock you.

Here are five actions we will be focusing on that dog's exhibit their feelings and emotions through them:

1. How they bark ;

There are several reasons why dogs barks. For instance if the dog barks loud and frequent, it might be something or they sence danger and want to let you know. While shorter and softer barks, means that they want to play. Also loud barking can also mean they are in pain. Make sure you pay attention to figure out where the pain is coming from.

2. Stand on behind or hind legs;

They are several meanings which I think when a dog stands on its hind legs. It is likely they want to show affection Just like we humans do, they want to hug. However, I think it can be playfullness as long as the dog is not acting aggressively.

3. When dog yawns;

We humans yawn when we are looking bored or tired. However, I think dogs yawn when they feel safe and secured. It can also be sign of stress or anticipation. Like we humans, they also show how tired they are.

4. Bringing you toys;

One Theory says that the dogs bring you toys because they want to please you,they consider you as their Alpha and want your respect. Another Theory claims that this is their way of showing that they trust you. As for me I think I also agree with this theory of trust and I think you might hurt their feelings if you throw away the object.

5. Wiggle like a caterpillar;

Don't you love it when your dog gets a good wiggle, raise up their legs, and wiggle on their back ? There are times when the dog does it to scratch his back, but I think they do it to get your attention. So you should take time and show your dog some love .

I hope you enjoyed the article and now know what some actions your dog exhibit means. So always care about your dog, and create time and show them some love.

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