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Remember Oxana Malaya? The Girl Who Acts Like A Dog. See What Happened To Her

I strongly believed you are suprised and dumbfounded by this article with the title above.but believe me because it is a true story. Her full name is Oksana Oleksandrivna Malaya, better known as Oxana Malaya, she was given birth to on 4 November 1983, and she from Ukrainian internationally and well known for her dog imitating behaviour. Based on history, medical experts report that she was born Normal at birth but was neglected by her parents who never cared for her. Most times she find herself locked out of their house at age 3. She crawled to the nearby or closeset shelter which was the dog kennel.

her parents never knew or notice her absence so she continued to stay with the dogs In their kennel and surviving on their scraps. Over the duration of five solid years ,she majorly lived with them but occasionally saw humans.

Oxana learned to live like her dog family. Based on feral children project, she ate raw meat, barked, slept in the dog kennel with them and walk with her hand and legs. At the long run,someone atually contacted the police about oxana and the police intervene by investigating but she charged at the police by barking alongside the dogs, trying to protect her by pulling their chains so hard to get the officers who succeeded in luring them with meat so that they could get the girl

and was later taken to an orphanage school where she was taught how to walk up right and how to talk because she had some rudimentary speech when she lived with the dogs. She was also taught on how to eat with her hands and other basic aspect of living life rather than a life of a dog.

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follow me for more facts. Share this article to enlighten others as well. History is very paramount

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