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Four(4) Types of Birds That Can Fly From One Continent To Another

These birds are one of the birds that can move on a long distance without stopping. Some of them can move for months without touching the ground. Some study shows that some of these birds spend their entire life on flight. Hence, they eat, mate, molt and even sleep on wings.

1 Red Knot

According to study from U.S. department of fish and wildlife the red knot is truely a master of long distance journey. It has a 20-foot wingspan and travel 9300 miles yearly it can move from the south of America continent to the north.

2 Nighthawk

Nighthawk are common in U.S and breed in open country. They do move from U.S to the warm climate of south america they have a wingspan of 23 inches which make them one of the smallest migrator bird.

3 White Rumped Sandpiper

The white-rumped sandpiper is one of the king of migrator they breed in northern canada and travel to the warm climate of south america which takes them over the atlantic ocean which takes them more than a month to finish.

4 artic terns

Very few bird can match the pole to pole migration of these birds. They start from August and september and move away from greenland and fly towards the weddell sea on the shores of antarctica, with some of passing through the african coast while some of them pass through the brazilian cost.

The most common thing in these birds is that they are all small in size.

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