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Why dogs are referred to as "man's best friend"

Dogs according to wikipedia is a member of the wolf like canids and its the most widely abundant terrestrial carnivore (canis cilupus).

Their long association with human has made them blend in uniquely to human behaviour making them able to eat food that are not necessarily their default diet.

Dogs have the ability of performing various roles for human such as hunting, herding, companionship military and even adopted for therapeutic roles. Having such a vast influence on the human world made them have the name "mans best friend".

Dogs are very intelligent and emotional animals, they are blessed with the ability to perceive and retain its knowledge.

Dogs as a result of this physical and social evolution over the years have acquired the ability to understand and communicate with humans.

Dogs communicate with humans through various behaviour. Mans means of communication with dogs include vocalization, body posture, gestures and hand signals. Dogs lately have adapted to human everyday life thereby increasing the rate at which or the capacity in which they serve; from being guard, to hunter, companion, play mate e.t.c.

Why dogs are referred to as mans best friend

- They have great long term memories

- They are loyal; they defend you vehemently when they sense danger around

- They recognize and mimic emotions; they react based on the tone of your voice and body language. They recognize when you are happy or sad and reads accordingly 

- Dogs are smart; Intelligence varies depending on the kind of breed you've got but overall, they are intuitive, they do advanced things like picking up objects for you, answering their names and engaging in sports.

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