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What this lady did with her dog left me speechless

It is obvious that humans and animals exhibit a kind a close relationship, however, both male and females love to keep animals as pet. Mostly, ladies seems to keep pet to get over their loneliness and boredom. Animal used as pets by humans include Dog, Cat, pigs, duck, snake etc. But most ladies love to keep dog as pet. It is believed that pets seems to replace the position of the opposite sex when it comes to killing loneliness. What this lady does with her dog kept me speechless.

She was know to be a lover of dog and she communicate easy with her dog. I was at her house some days ago after we both returned from the gym, she sent her dog the get us fruit juice from the refrigerator and immediately the dog left and came back with the exact fruit juice, I was surprised because I have seen such before. The dog is very friendly and energetic of which it does what I could not imagine.

I was in need of a textbook for this lady, so I called to them ask her of it and told her I was coming to get it from her house but she told me not to worry that her dog will bring it down to me, I said ok but was in doubt that how will a dog bring such textbook to my house. Not quite long, I had a knock on the door which sounds like a knock from and human, but to my greatest surprise, when I opened the door it was this lady’s dog with the textbook in the mouth… could that be possible?

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