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See the animal whose body mass is 95℅ water, plus other interesting facts about water

Water is one of the most essential soluble substance that support the existence of all living organism on earth.

A facts that is even more evident by a popular metaphoric statement which goes thus,......"water is life" goes to explain the importance of this substance in support of life on earth.And having said this however,there is one aquatic animal called Jellyfish,whose the entire body mass is 95℅ water.

No wonder they float effortlessly in water with ease.

This is a natural comparative advantage,because it is a weapon of defense against predators in deep sea.

Having said this however,here are the list of more interesting facts about water below;

1.Pure water has no smell,taste nor colour.

2.Jellyfish and Cucumber are each 95℅ water.

3.300 tons of water are required to manufactures 1 ton of steel.

4.70℅ of human brain is water.

5.A person can live about a month without food,but only about a week without water.

6.Water makes up about 66% of human body.

7.Drinking water instead of Soda,can help with weight loss.

8.Water expands as it cools from 4°C to 0°C (above 4°C it does the opposite).

That is much for now about interesting and mind blowing facts about water.

Hope this is a good addition to knowledge?

Thanks,and like i always advise,"build your immune system against sickness by regular hydration of your system".

Thanks for reading,but please comments,up vote,share and like just as well.

Stay safe people.


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