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An Emotional Dog kept coming to the spot where the owner died hoping to see him again (see photos)

Dogs are true Definitions of Loyalty

A dog once demonstrated loyalty and love when his master died suddenly at sea side in Columbia.

The dog and the owner who had no family lived together for 3 years. They were virtually seeing everywhere around the city.

They ate, played and slept not far apart from each other.

Tragedy struck on a faithful afternoon when the dog owner was swept away by water and he drowned.

His dog was taken home and later the body of the master was found floating in the water.

The Dog not knowing what really had happened waited to see the owner to no avail.

The next day the Dog would demonstrate true and unwavering loyalty by walking down the beach to look for the owner.

This the dog did for a period of time of seven days, in most cases the dog would stay deep in the night hoping to see or hear from the owner

 Dogs are man's best friend

Total Loyalty

The Dog was finally sold out to animal rescue team, this was the only thing that stopped the dogs display of loyalty

The Dogs looks keenly for the dead owner

In some occasions it stays late deep in the night

The wait and search continued for 7 days after the owner died

No any other Animal could demonstrate such loyalty like the dog.

There is a popular saying that says " Dogs are man's best friend" this loyal dog typically proved that beyond reasonable doubts.

What other animal could be this loyal.

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