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See Yellow Turtle That Was Discovered In India Earlier (video)

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See the video below:

Turtles are known by their natural colours. Seeing one which has a totally different colour will really surprise you. Please read till the end and watch the video of the turtle.

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Officials handling wild life in India has reported that the yellow turtle that was filmed in a village was a very rare discovery.

A wild yellow turtle was caught by some villagers in the district of Odisha Balasore in India. The handed it to the department of their forest agency. A senior officer at the wildlife department declared that the discovery was a very rare one. He also said that the creature was a beautiful one.

A Wildlife Warden Bhanoomitra Acharya said,

The video of the discovery which showed the yellow turtle was shared by Susanta Nanda. She is an active Indian Forest Service Officer (IFS). She noted that the turtle's colour was strangely and completely yellow. She also said that the creature was probably one who had Albinism.

The turtle had pink eyes and was yellow. In a follow-up tweet, Nanda wrote,

“Close snap of the same. Mark the pink eyes, one indicative feature of albinism,”

Here is a video of the yellow turtle:

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