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Take a look at some disturbing facts most people are unaware of

Here are some lesser known facts that I think might interest you:

1. You might find seals cute, but they use to rape penguins for fun.

2. The sexual organ of male bees explodes while mating with female bees, still they do so.

3. Whales and dolphins sink in the depth of ocean to suffocate themselves, when they become old and weak enough to not able to swim.

3, Pin-worms comes out of your butt at night and anyone can catch them using duct tape. Scary!

4. On Mount Everest, there are around 200 dead bodies, which are now being used as direction for mount climbers.

5. Till 1980′s many doctors believed that young children or toddlers don't feel pain, so they performed operation without anaesthesia.

6. In 1982 around 7 people were died due to capsule tempering by adding cyanide to each and repacking it again, that's why now you'll see a proper seal on every medication bottle.

7. A pig was dressed like humans, presented in jail and was sentenced to death as per judge order in France.

8. You and your brain is inside of a skeleton, but mostly people thinks skeleton is inside us.

9. Squeaky toys makes the dog feel as small animal is being killed, that's why they like squeaky toys.

10. During Victorian reign, it was common to take selfies with dead person as a last memory.

11. Butterflies have been known to drink blood.

12. Bananas are radioactive.

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